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Preventive Medicine and Epidemiology

The doctoral study programe "Preventive medicine and epidemiology" is using the principles of evidence-based medicine to asses the impact of various factors (physical, chemical, environmental, biological) on the human health at the individual as well as the population level in order to identify possible approaches for prevention. The programe integrates knowledge and approaches originating from the fields of toxicology, molecular biology, imunology including clinically-oriented disciplines. The programe represents a theoretical basis for preventive disciplines in medicine, e.g. public health, epidemiology and biostatistics.

Courses rendered by the Field Board for the program Preventive medicine:
CPGS008 Obecná epidemiologie a epidemiologická metodologie (Basic epidemiology and methodology)

Study obligations
- Courses: completion of at least two from the below listed courses:
* recommended course „Obecná epidemiologie a epidemiologická metodologie“ (Basic epidemiology and methodology
* recommended course for students from non-health specialization „Základy lékařských věd pro studenty z nelékařských oborů“
* courses from other doctoral study programs in biomedicine (, or, if agreed with the Supervising Tutor, other courses from different faculties
- English language exam
- State doctoral exam in Preventive Medicine
- Mastering of the principles of the scientific work, so that the graduate is able to work independently and to publish in international journals with reviewed procedures indexed in WOS, with impact factor.

Requirements on creative activities
Thorough preparation and implementation of a research project, the results of which are presented and defended in a doctoral dissertation. Active participation on scientific conferences and congresses including SVK (according to the instructions and recommendation of the Supervising Tutor). Submission of at least two original scientific papers accepted for publication or already published in journals with a defined impact factor according to WOS, the cumulative value of which exceeds 1.5. The student is the first author of at least one of these publications and the impact factor of the journal of this work exceeds 1.0. Preparation and successful defense of the doctoral dissertation. The dissertation should be objective and comprehensive, demonstrating the scientific results processed by the doctorand. The dissertation should prove that the student has gained both theoretical knowledge and practical skills to work independently in the chosen field and that he/she can formulate and solve scientific problems and results in the context of international science.

Requirements on placements taken
A stay abroad at a relevant professional institution, not shorter than one month. If the placement abroad is not possible, the student needs to directly participate in an international co-operation, e.g. in an international creative project with results published or presented abroad, etc.

Other study obligations
Presentation of the results ofthe research work at at least one student national or international conference or similar event.

State doctoral exam
The knowledge of the exam questions from the topic areas prepared by the Field Board. Literature search for the topic. The examination is oral.


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