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Dean Aleksi Šedo spoke about the current situation with respect to expected changes that are supposed to take place as of next week. There have been some new developments regarding the schedule of getting back to normal. Vice Dean Vokurka speaks about those changes which will have a direct impact on students of the First Faculty of Medicine.

Q: What changes will take place in teaching and examinations after 27 April 2020?

A: Let me tell you about measures and changes that will be in place next week. Starting next week, distance examinations are permitted for students of all years of the First Faculty of Medicine. All the requisite laws and Dean’s measures have been adopted and are in effect. Moreover, as part of the relaxation of measures announced by the government, in person examinations will be permitted from the beginning of next week and they will be permitted for all years of study. What is not going to happen yet is a general commencement of in-person teaching. The only thing that will be possible are in person examinations or consultations where up to five persons are present and requisite hygienic measures are observed. The university is preparing certain further relaxations of measures that may go in effect on the 4 May 2020, when some parts of teaching could restart, but we will inform you about those things as soon as these plans become more concrete.

(Dean Šedo) Let me just sum it up: In the week from 27 April, teaching is not starting yet and regarding the situation with respect to teaching after 4 May, it is something we shall see about within a few days.


You can find video here (only Czech version).

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