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Supervisors Addiction: Specialization in Health Care

Supervisors Addiction: Specialization in Health Care

 PhDr. Miroslav Barták,   Ph.D.

 1. Alcohol policy in the Czech Republic and International comparison
 2. Potential and limitation of the implementation The WHO SAFER initiative  in the Czech Republic and international comparison
 3. Epidemiology of alcohol use among selected population group

 Assoc. Prof. Roman   Gabrhelík, Ph.D.

 1. Research and applications of eHealth and mHealth in treatment of   dependence
 2. Research and applications of eHealth and mHealth in prevention of risk   behaviors
 3. Opioid maintenance treatment – utilization of data from national health   registers
 4. Pharmacotherapy and utilization of data from national health registers
 5. National System of School-based Prevention of Risk Behavior in the Czech Republic

 Assoc. Prof. Laura   Krekulová, M.D., Ph.D.

 1. Terciální prevence injekčního užívání návykových látek
 2. Options in professional (health) care for users of addictive substances after   release from prison
 3. Reintegration of persons addicted to psychoactive substances after release   from prison
 4. Tertiary prevention of injecting substance abuse

 Prof. Michal Miovský, Ph.D.

 1. Addiction Studies in education and training praxis
 2. Addiction clinical research: on-going research projects of the Department

 Assoc. Prof. Viktor   Mravčík, M.D., Ph.D.

 1. Epidemiology of problem/intensive drug use (prevalence estinates and   patterns)
 2. Opioid substitution treatment (epidemiology of opioid addiction, outcomes, coverage)
 3. Harm reduction interventions in people who inject drugs
 4. Epidemiology of drug-related deaths
 5. Epidemiology of drug-related infectious diseases
 6. Population surveys on substance use and behavioural addictions

 Karel Dobroslav Riegel,   Ph.D.

 1. Personality assessment in Addictology
 2. Treatment for comorbid patients with personality disorders and addictions
 3. Applied Clinical psychology in Addictology
 4. Developmental psychopathology in Addictology

 Assoc. Prof. Vladimír   Rogalewicz, Ing., CSc.

 1. Quality of life of people with disabilities combined with substance abuse   and addiction
 2. Cost analysis in addictology

 Lenka Šťastná, Ph.D.

 1. Comorbidity of substance use and mental disorders
 2. ADHD and addiction
 3. The impact of misuse of benzodiazepines and other hypnotics and   anxiolytics on selected mental health and quality of life
 4. Assessment of cognitive functions and their rehabilitation in addiction   treatment
 5. Diagnostic screening instruments for addiction

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