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The Association of Deans of the Medical Faculties of the Czech Republic does not agree with other work duties for medics

ADLF statement on student involvement in medical facilities II.

The Association of Deans of the Medical Faculties of the Czech Republic is following with concern the unfavorable epidemiological situation and the growing congestion of hospitals, which continues despite the fact that thousands of medical students have been volunteering and sacrificingly helping the Czech healthcare system for the third semester. Few can imagine how difficult it is to combine this help with a very demanding study.

In our declaration of 4 January 2021, we declared our willingness to expand voluntary assistance in the event of an extraordinary crisis and welcomed the promise of the Minister of Health that there would be no insensitive command of work obligations to students already involved in voluntary assistance.

We were concerned that the government is now reconsidering the declaration of employment only for medics, when a number of ancillary jobs can be done by students from faculties other than medical schools.

The deans of all eight medical faculties clearly do not agree with the third renewal of work duties for our students and call on the Minister of Health to respect the requirements of the representatives of the institutions responsible for the quality of education for future generations of physicians.

You can find the whole document here.


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