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Updated epidemic measures for teaching at the First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University.

Due to the prediction of another wave of Covid in the autumn and taking into account the fact that it is assumed that the virus may spread mainly in the younger unvaccinated population, these measures at our faculty are currently stricter than required by current emergency measures of the Ministry of Health.

For teaching at theoretical workplaces:

1) Lectures in distance form.

2) During other classes (seminar, practical classes, ..) students must have a respirator.

3) It will not be required to document vaccination, test results, disease ("O-N-T")

For teaching at clinical workplaces:

1) "O-N-T" confirmations (confirmation of infectivity) will be required.

All students (including Bc and NMgr disciplines) will bring on the 1st day of teaching at a specific clinical workplace a confirmation of vaccination, illness or a negative test result according to the usual rules (

If a student submits a negative test result, it must not be older than 7 days for teaching purposes (RT-PCR test and antigen test).

If these conditions are not met, students will not be allowed to enter clinical workplaces.

2a) All medics, without exception, will wear respirators in the ward, even in contact with staff.

2b) we also recommend respirators during lectures / seminars.

We will continuously assess the risks and the measures will be updated again in the light of the epidemic situation.

The management of the First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, joins the Rectors' call for students to undergo vaccination against COVID-19 before the beginning of the semester.

We ask all employees and students to behave responsibly.


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