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What to do when one comes in contact with a Covid-positive person

What to do when …

… I suspect I came in contact with someone who is Covid-positive?

If you exhibit none of the main symptoms of Covid-19 (increased temperature, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, headache, joint pain, fatigue but also loss of taste and/or smell) you need not stay at home and you need not get tested for Covid-19. Covid test can be done at your own request but it will not be covered by your health insurance. In case you start exhibiting symptoms of a respiratory illness, stay at home and contact your GP.

…I was in close contact with a Covid-positive person?

First of all, it must be determined whether this was a high-risk contact! To do that, it must be determined whether this was a person with whom you share household (and who is a Covid patient), whether actual physical contact with Covid-positive person took place (e.g. a handshake), or whether a direct unprotected contact with contagious secretions of Covid-positive person took place. Other high-risk situations involve personal contact such as staying in a closed environment (room, car, waiting room) with a Covid-positive person for over 15 minutes at less than 2 meter distance or contact with health personnel or social workers caring for Covid-positive persons, etc.

If so, contact by phone or email your GP (Hygiene Station), inform them about the situation and await their decision regarding further steps (test, quarantine, self-isolation, observation, etc.) and then inform the head of your department/institute in case of students a teacher or subject guarantor and send a mail to

… I am not feeling well, I feel unwell?

In case you are running fever for less than two days, it is unlikely to be Covid-19. In such case, stay in self-isolation, keep track of your condition, and use medication against fever.

· In case of fever lasting for longer than two days or if you suffer from dry cough without fever, phone your GP.

· In case you have breathing problems or fever with dry cough, call 144 immediately and follow operator’s instructions.

... I suffer from loss of taste or smell. Is it a symptom of Covid-19?

Worsening or loss of taste and smell are among the main symptoms of Covid-19. These symptoms are linked to an infection of the upper respiratory tract. They are often observed in Covid-positive persons and can also appear in so-called silent spreaders. For this reason, if you observe a sudden loss of smell (over a few days) that is not linked to another illness (common cold with runny nose, polyps, sinusitis), do pay attention to it. In case you suffer from loss of smell or taste with no other Covid symptoms, it is recommended you self-isolate for 10–14 days (together with the rest of your household) to prevent eventual spread of infection to other persons.


In case of confirmed Covid infection, inform the head of department/institute, in case of students their teacher or subject guarantor and send an email to


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