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Addictology - Admission Process for the Academic Year 2024/2025

The First Faculty of Medicine is thrilled to announce the admission process for the new Master´s (post-Bachelor) degree programme in Addictology. 

The programme is intended for students and professionals with a Bachelor´s degree in Addictology who want to further enhance their skills and knowledge. Graduates from other Bachelor´s degree programmes can also apply if they express interest in the given field. 

Applications open  December 1, 2023
Application deadline  February 29, 2024
Annual tuition fee 290,000 CZK
Application fee 5,000 CZK 


Each prospective student needs to fill in and submit the application and fulfil the admission criteria and entrance examination.

  1. Fill in the application form for the respective study programme. Each applicant can apply once in a given academic year. You may also apply for other programmes at Charles University, but each study programme requires a separate application. Find the application form here: Addictology
  2. Prepare the motivation letter and other documents that you can use during the admission process.
  3. Submit the application and pay the application fee. You cannot continue in the entrance examination without paying the application. The application fee is 5,000 CZK. Find information on how to pay the fee here. Once the application is paid and submitted, we will confirm it. 

Under Art. 4 (5) of the Admissions Procedure Code of Charles University, the faculty sends the invitation to an entrance examination through the University Electronic Information System no later than 30 days before the examination date. Should the faculty send an alternative entrance examination date invitation, this period may be shortened. An applicant obtains a password to log into the electronic information system after registering and submitting the application to study.

Entrance examination 

All applicants are admitted and evaluated based on their results achieved in the entrance examination which consists of two rounds.

1. Letter of motivation and passed courses

  • The letter of motivation is a compulsory part of the application. The evaluation criteria include - background (max. 5 points), motivation (max. 5 points), career path (max. 5 points), maximum 15 points in total.
  • You might also be granted bonuses for the passed courses connected with the field of addictology. These include courses such as INEP, UPC and UTC. Passing the course shall be proven by an obtained certificate. Find details here. The certificates are enclosed as an annex to the application before it is sent. The maximum score for bonuses is 135 points. 
  • According to the number of points gained in the 1st round, including the bonus points, 40 best applicants will continue to the 2nd round. All applicants who may gain the same number of points as the 40th best-standing applicant will also continue to the 2nd round.

2. Online interview

  • The interviews will be conducted online between May 2 and May 15, 2024. Each applicant can take them only once. The maximum is 50 points. An applicant can obtain 30 points for professional knowledge and grasp of the field of addictology, and max. 20 points for the ability to communicate in English. 
  • The Score necessary for admission will be set by the Dean according to the results of the second round. Only points gained in the second round are decisive for admission.


Another requirement for admission is proof of a completed Bachelor´s degree of education, qualifying the applicant to study a follow-up Master´s degree at the university. For the assesment of the previous education by the faculty, the applicant covers the fee of 930 CZK paid by the card. The legalised documents must delivered to the Faculty by August 31, 2024. 

Find more information about the Addictology programme here or contact us at or




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