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How to prepare for entrance exam?

Candidates are offered a place at the Faculty based on their results in our entrance examination. THE ENTRANCE EXAM IS THUS COMPULSORY FOR EVERYONE. It consists of a written multiple-choice test from Biology, Chemistry, and Physics (equally weighted, 100 points each) and MINI interviews for those who successfully pass the written part.

Naturally, both the test and interviews are in English and supervised by Faculty examiners.

To have a reasonable chance of success (on average, we admit about 10% of all the applicants), it is strongly advised that the candidate studied the disciplines from which the written test is made for at least 2 of the final 4 years at the high school. Our applicants have a very diverse curriculum; however, the one most similar in scope and depth to the requirements at the entrance exam is the British A-level system.

Examples of recommended textbooks for preparation:


Schaum's Outline of College Physics, Twelfth Edition (Schaum's Outlines) Paperback – 4 Nov 2016, ISBN-13: 978-1259587399


Basic - Advanced Biology For You (Advanced for You), by Gareth Williams; ISBN-13: 978-1408527351

Comprehensive: Campbell Biology, 11th edition, ISBN-13: 978-0134093413


Chemistry in Context for Cambridge International AS & A Level (Cie a Level) Paperback – 30 Mar 2017, ISBN-13: 978-0198396185

To check how your curriculum matches our list of topics, please check the contents page for each discipline:
Topics for Biology



To get an idea of how the test is structured, take a look at the sample test:

(do NOT look at the last page until you have answered all the questions!).

Each question has AT LEAST ONE, but possibly up to 4, correct answers. You get one point for each correctly identified one (i.e., no subtractions, only positive points for correct answers). WARNING: if you leave any question BLANK, it is automatically counted as ZERO POINTS (the reason is that in some questions it is rather plain that there is only one correct answer, and it would not be fair to award 3 points to someone who has no clue and does not even dare to make an educated guess). Yes, one can obtain up to a 50% score by a random shooting.

Want more? Here are some more retired sample questions to show you roughly the scope and difficulty level:

SAMPLE QUESTIONS (no answers provided!)




With a one-shot type of exam, in addition to the best possible preparation, it is important to be at a state of maximum calmness of mind for the best performance. Some of you might have taken customized preparatory courses, which are not a bad way to get motivated and pick up some tips on how to do best with what you know.

We wish you all good luck – but is known that Fortune helps only those who are prepared!


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