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Admission Process for the Academic Year 2024/2025

General Medicine and Dentistry

The First Faculty of Medicine is thrilled to announce the admission process for the studies in the academic year 2024/2025.

The procedure is identical for both study programmes, General Medicine and Dentistry, offered in English. All prospective students interested in studying at the First Faculty of Medicine are requested to submit an application and attend the entrance examination. You may find more information below.

General Medicine Dentistry
Applications open December 1, 2023 December 1, 2023
Applications deadline September 3, 2024 September 3, 2024
Annual tuition fee 600,000 CZK  600,000 CZK 
Application fee 7,000 CZK  7,000 CZK
Entrance exam in Prague* September 13, 2024 September 13, 2024

* When you apply through one of our official representatives, you might have the opportunity to do the exam in one of the locations abroad. 


After passing the entrance exam and before enrolling for studies, the applicant must submit proof of completed secondary education.


How to Apply

An applicant can apply directly (without the representative) or through one of the official representatives. In that case, please get in touch with them for details. You may find contacts here. The representative will help you with the admission process, preparation for the entrance exam, visa procedure and much more.

Each applicant can apply once in a given academic year. You may start the application process before completing your secondary education.

The entrance examination is the main entrance requirement. For the academic year 2024/2025, we do not require any certificates for English language proficiency.


  1. Fill in the application form for the respective study programme. 

    You may apply for both study programmes (General Medicine and Dentistry), but separate applications are required. Other faculties of Charles University also require separate applications.

    Find the application form here:

    General Medicine


  2. Prepare the personal statement and upload it to your application.
  3. Submit the application and pay the application fee. You will not be allowed to sit the entrance exam without paying the application. The application fee is 7,000 CZK. Find information on how to pay the fee here
  4. Get ready for the entrance exam. Check the information and the preparatory questions. You will be invited to the entrance exam. If you apply through one of our official representatives, they will inform you about the location and date of the entrance exam.

Please contact us individually if you need any special arrangements to secure your travels to the entrance examination (e.g. invitation for the entrance exam needed for a visa).

Under Art. 4 (5) of the Admissions Procedure Code of Charles University, the faculty sends the invitation to an entrance examination through the University Electronic Information System no later than 30 days before the examination date. Should the faculty send an alternative entrance examination date invitation, this period may be shortened. An applicant obtains a password to log into the electronic information system after registering and submitting the application to study.

Entrance examination

All applicants are required to attend the entrance examination to be accepted for studies.

The exam consists of two main parts:

1. Written exam – multiple choice test from biology, chemistry and physics

The applicant will receive one point for each correct answer. Only if passing the first round the applicant can continue with the entrance examination.

2. Oral exam – multiple-mini-interviews (so-called MMIs)

An applicant is presented with questions and topics to discuss with various interviewers. Each interview is evaluated and scored accordingly.

Only the points obtained in the second round decide who is admitted for the studies, i.e. points collected in the first and second rounds are not added up.

Dates for the entrance examination 

Entrance examination in Prague

These dates are intended for applicants applying without representatives. At this moment, we do not plan online examinations for the admission process in 2024. If there are any changes, applicants will be informed in advance.

Regular date:

Written exam – week between June 3 and June 7, 2024 (a specific date will be announced)

Oral exam – following days after the written exam (TBC, June 2024)

There is also an additional date for the entrance examination in Prague:

Written exam –  the week between June 17 and June 21, 2024 (a specific date will be announced)

Oral exam – following days after the written exam (TBC, June 2024)

The additional date is designated only for those unable to attend the regular date because of illness or other serious reasons. If you cannot attend regular term, please send us an explanation (for example, a medical report from a doctor, etc.). Note that there will be only limited time for you to make all the necessary arrangements (visa and accommodation application, etc.) should you attend this additional term, mainly due to the short time between the examination and enrollment. Those mentioned reasons are not accepted as legitimate reasons for postponing your enrollment or any study obligations. Therefore, attending the regular or early-bird term is highly recommended unless you have some serious reason not to.

If you require a visa to enter the Czech Republic, a short-term (tourist) visa is sufficient for the entrance examination.

An invitation letter to sit the entrance exam will be sent by e-mail. If the invitation letter is needed earlier, please let us know. An e-mail will be sent to every applicant who meets all the criteria.

Entrance examination abroad

Applicants applying through one of the representatives will be informed about the entrance examination dates by their representative.

The planned exams abroad through our partners (written part) are also available here (the dates are subject to change). 

For any questions, please use

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