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The following is a PhD thesis defence guide for students of PhD programmes, listing the requirements for PhD defence and its presentation:

PhD thesis is submitted:

  • In a printed form
    – 4 copies are handed in to the Department for Science and International Relations. These copies must meet the standard requirements of hardcover fabric binding.


  • In an electronic form
    – As of 1 February 2017, a Rector’s Directive No. 72/2017 on Accessibility of Electronic Database of Final Theses changes the technical requirements for submitting final qualification theses. A thesis must be submitted in a PDF/A version 1a or 2u format. This directive also changes the requirements pertaining to the formatting of appendices and supplements. Details are described in the Guide to Filing a Final Thesis.
    – Using the SIS web interface at in the section ‘Subjects of Theses (Choice of a Thesis). Detailed guide is located at


A PhD thesis must include:

  • a signed declaration and an identification record (Appendix 1);
  • summary: a one-page summary in Czech and English is an integral part of the presentation; it is filed in the SIS both as part of the presentation and separately;
  • a summary of thesis’ conclusions;
  • a bibliography that lists both literature and internet resources used in preparing the thesis;
  • separately bound presentation in Czech or English, approximately 10 to 20 pages long, in A5 format (it becomes Appendix 3).


Applying for a PhD thesis defence:

  • application must be submitted using this form 
  • the application is completed, signed, and submitted to the Department of Science and International Relations jointly with other accompanying documentation, i.e.:
- a protocol certifying that the thesis includes all the requisite parts (Appendix 8c);
- a CV of the PhD student;
- list of published works of the PhD student (number and sequence of authorship is determined by the relevant Field Board);
- supervisor’s evaluation of the PhD thesis;
- 5 copies of PhD student’s thesis presentation;
- print-outs of at least two PhD student’s publications in impacted science journals;
- certificate on passing a language examination;
- in case a certificate on passing a doctoral state examination has not yet been submitted to the Department of Science and International Relations and filed as part of PhD student’s file at the 1st Faculty of Medicine, this certificate should be included in the application;
- course records (the ‘index’), eventually further documentation certifying that the PhD student had fulfilled all obligations of his or her programme.


Examples of all requisite formal parts of the presentation and PhD thesis are found in an appendix to the section jointly with the Rector’s Directive No. 10/2010, which defines the rules for registration, submission, and publication of final theses.


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