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Diploma requirements for faculty nostrification for direct entry applicants


Diploma requirements for faculty nostrification for direct entry applicants:

Curriculum : 



You must have completed high school education and provide proof of graduation with a transcript of the last two years of study. The diploma must be properly legalized by the country that issued the document.
  • IB Diploma
- If you send the Transcript of grades online through the system IBIS, it is not necessary to wait for the physical IB diploma.

- If the IBIS system is used for the proof of education, then it is sufficient for you to provide just the Transcript of grades (IB Results) with the result “DIPLOMA AWARDED”.

- It contains the name of the secondary school where you graduated from the IB Program and the resulting marks from six subjects that you studied within the program (best grade = 7).

- At your request, the transcript is sent by the IB directly to the higher education institutions to which you applied.

- Charles University accepts transcripts in electronic form - sent via the International Baccalaureate Information System (IBIS).

- If you are providing hard copy of the original IB diploma then the faculty also need to receive the Transcript of grades (2 documents) - duly legalized according to the country that issued the document.

If you got your IB diploma in a secondary school in Czech Republic, please contact study department of the faculty for more information. 

  •  European Baccalaureate

This document automatically equivalent to a Czech Baccalaureate certificate. Holders do not have to prove their foreign education within the admission process. All you have to do is submit an officially certified copy of the European Baccalaureate - duly legalized according to the country that issued the document.

 Cambridge / Pearson Edexcel / AQA/ OCR

These certificates have to meet the requirements for Great Britain.

You need to provide us either with certified copies of the documents with an APOSTILLE issued in Great Britain OR you should provide us with certified copies (without an Apostille) and AT THE SAME TIME you have to fulfil one of the following requirements:

           a) The option, which we highly recommend - you will arrange for one pair of originals (the final A-level certificate with at least 3 passed subjects) to be sent by the institution in a sealed envelope directly to our address.
If received in such a way, it will be considered sufficient for the nostrification process. Please bear in mind that we keep the documents and will not return them to you.

           b) You will provide or the board will send us a transcript of records or a diploma supplement in a sealed envelope.

           c) We will be able to download a transcript of records from the official website of the board (e.g., Upon entering a password that you would provide to the faculty)

If you receive the final certificate in July, beginning of August it should be still fine. But remember it also has to be officially verified and then sent to the Study Department.

For Cambridge certificates, you have to reach one of the below results:

The minimum requirements for Cambridge certificates:

GCSE: 5xsubjects GCSE + 2x subjects A-level.

IGCSE: 5xsubjects IGCSE + 2x subjects A-level.

O-level: 5xsubjects O-level + 2x subjects A-level.

The variety of 1x A-level and 2x AS level is NOT acceptable.

If you have more than 2x A-level but a lower number of GCSE/IGCSE/O-level subjects, this variety can be accepted as well.

All other cases should be discussed with the Study Department - contact person:

Jana Šilhánková,

Schools following the Cambridge curriculum have to prove their accreditation as well:

We assess in the same way as the British GCSE and GCE - minimum requirements see above.

  •  Cambridge Pre-U Diploma

With the Cambridge Pre-U Diploma, you must also prove the completion of lower secondary education (i.e., GCSE or its equivalent).

Although you passed the final exams organized by Cambridge Assessment International Education, it is necessary to verify whether the secondary school have completed your education at an accredited secondary school.

It is possible to verify whether a foreign secondary school has official authorization to teach according to the British curriculum (British accreditation) on the website of the



required documents are:

- Migration Certificate

- Senior School Certificate Examination marks statement
- Transcript of records of the last two years study
- Senior School Certificate Examination
- Grade Sheet cum Certificate of Performance

School accreditation

School accreditation can be considered proven in the following cases:

  •  The school can be found on the website of the Ministry of Education or the accreditation office of the respective country.
  •  You shall provide the original or an officially certified copy of the accreditation certificate issued by the Ministry of Education, the accreditation authority of the country or the national branch of ENIC-NARIC.


The document must be correctly officially certified according to the state where it was issued.

  • Above mentioned organizations will confirm to you via e-mail sent directly to the e-mail address of the faculty that the school was accredited at the time of your studies (we do not accept e-mails forwarded by you).



All of the above-mentioned documents have to be validated (officially verified) by a lawyer, solicitor or notary public and must contain apostille or super-legalization clause.

Apostille is sufficient for countries listed here:

Documents issued in countries where an Apostille is not sufficient require super-legalization Documents must be verified:

         a) by the Foreign Office of the respective country

         b) by the relevant embassy of the Czech Republic.

Forms of verification by the country:

IMPORTANT: The documents have to reach our Study Department by August 31, 2023 before enrolment into study.

PLEASE NOTE that all documents have to be officially translated into English or Czech language!

Nostrification in Terms of The Admission Procedure

Nostrification of your secondary school education is necessary for enrolment into study. You can apply for the nostrification in terms of the admission procedure, which is done by the faculty.

If you would like to apply, please follow the below instruction:

1. Make sure that you have officially verified copies of your secondary school certificates including Apostille or super legalization if needed.

2. Arrange for official translation of all documents that are originally not in the Czech or English language (only Czech or English translations are acceptable)

3. Send scans of your certificates for a preliminary check to Jana Šilhánková (

4. Once approved by the Study Department as complete, send the documentation by post to the faculty address. The documents have to reach the Study Department by August 31, 2023 at the latest.


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