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E-sources for librarians

E-sources for librarians

Encyclopeadia of Library and Information Science (ELIS)

Description: 4-volume encyclopedia for librarianship and information science.
Data updating: quarterly
Data Producer: Marcel Dekker
Access: from the network of the Charles university

Library and Information Science Abstracts

Description: a bibliographic database for librarianship, information science, informatics, library management, online databases, CD-ROM, hypertext, new information technologies, publishing, audiovisual data, internet, CD and DVD, WWW, knowledge systems, machine translation etc.
Retrospective: since 1969
Data updating: every 2 weeks
Data Producer: Cambridge Scientific Abstracts
Access: from the network of the Charles university

Literature Online

Description: a database for english and american literature. It contains over 330 000 poems, dramas and novels. It is possible to search in full-text, there are links to another 15 000 texts that were found by Chadwyck-Healey on the web.
Data Producer: Chadwyck-Healey
Access: from the network of the Charles university

Description: a prestigous database that provides bibliographic information on periodicals, almanacs, yearbooks from all over the world. It contains records of more than 290 000 titles from 80 000 publishers from 200 countries. It comprehends e-journals, newspapers, magazines, CD-ROM and provides information on publishers, classification and ordering.
Retrospective: since 1932
Data updating: weekly
Data Producer: Bowker
Access: from the network of the Charles university

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