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Federal Student Aid - documents

Dear students,

per the requirements of your lender, here you find all the pertinent documents for maintaining your eligibility as well as additional information about the loans.

The SAP policy (Satisfactory Academic Progress) specifies the criteria you must fulfil to stay eligible; in essence, if you pass all the mandatory exams and maintain good academic standing, you are fine (always recommended!).

The R2T4 policy specifies the procedures by which we disburse to you (or not, as you have some choice here) the part of your loan that goes towards your living costs, and how we return the balance to the lender (depending on the date where you prematurely terminate your studies). Wish you never need this one, but here it is.

Consumer information disclosure summarizes the expected living costs, book costs, and contains links to the other documents – this is the one you should read prior to closing your loan, as it contains all the necessary information that may impact your decision.

Wishing you all good luck and successful completion of your studies,

MUDr. Eitan Brizman, BDS.

Vice-Dean for International Studies


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