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ForStudents at LF1 MEDSOC Office - Visa & Health Insurance

Every Wednesday 09.00 - 17.00 at the LF1 MEDSOC Office, ForStudents who are a professional agency specialised in visa and healthcare related problems for expat students, will be there to help you sort these problems out. They are trusted and endorsed by both the faculty and LF1 MEDSOC. They will process your whole application and do all of the 'hard work' for visas and health insurance. No more waiting in long queues at administrative centres!

Please note that LF1 MEDSOC go not receive any financial benefit from ForStudents!

Click here to find out more on what we provide for you at the LF1 MEDSOC Office.

ForStudents at LF1 MEDSOC Office


Here you can ask anything about your visa and visa extension, and the agency can manage your application process. This will save you many days of hassle trying to sort out your documentation by yourself. These professionals can help you for a very small one off payment of 500 Kč.

For this small price, ForStudents can:
  1. Arrange an appointment at the Foreign Police to save you waiting in line.
  2. Assistance and translation at the Foreign Police.
  3. Keep your record on file so you can be reminded about your visa extension deadline.

For more information on how the whole visa process works see our Visa Support section.

Health Insurance

You can also sort out your health insurance. ForStudents are trusted and endorsed by our faculty and LF1 MEDSOC. They have the license to give you student health insurance as cheap as 850 Kč per month.

This is a good option because:

  1. Their service is in English
  2. Convenient! You contact them on campus at the LF1 MEDSOC Office!
  3. They select the best/cheapest health insurance.
  4. They will NOT sell you some expensive health insurance that you do not need.

For more information on health insurance see our Health section.

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