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Dear voters,

Elections to AS UK will take place on 24.11. and 25.11. and will be electronic.

On 24-25.11. 2020 you will be able to log in to the address, where your own choice will take place.

Who can vote:

a) Student,

Who is enrolled to study at the 1st Medical Faculty of Charles University on the given date and meets the conditions:

Study status: studies, repeats, or has a conditional enrollment or a distributed year

Form of study: full-time, part-time

Type of study: bachelor's, master's, follow-up master's, doctoral

b) Academic staff

is an employee meeting the conditions according to No. 7, paragraphs 1 and 2 of the statute, who meets:

· Membership in the academic community

· Type of job - employment contract

If the voter also meets the conditions under paragraph 3 letter. a) and b), he can choose in which part of the academic community he will be included for the purposes of elections.

If they do not do so within 3 weeks before the election, it is considered that:

a) if he is a student of the combined form of doctoral study, he / she is included among academic staff
b) in all other cases he / she is included among students.

You can verify in advance that you are on the voter list at Any changes must be resolved by 14 November, after this date it is no longer possible to change the electoral list.

Verify that you have a valid CAS password to log in to the election application (instructions).

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