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At our faculty like at all other faculties the Academic Senate operates in accordance with the Higher Education Act. Senators are elected by the academic community, that is, by teachers, other academic staff, and students. The Academic Senate of the 1st Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University has 30 members, half of whom are elected directly by students in a secret ballot. And naturally, all members of the academic community, including students, can run for a place in the senate, run election campaigns, and try to gain their colleagues’ support.

The Academic Senate has many functions and duties, which are likewise regulated by law and other directives. For instance, it elects a candidate for the post of dean of the faculty, who is then appointed by the rector of the Charles University. It also has some important functions and rights in the area of teaching, which is why its activity is of interest and relevance even for ‘regular’ students. Through their representatives, students can influence various things at the faculty and even in the course of the academic year draw attention to issues they encounter. Such problems are then often swiftly and efficiently addressed.

The Senate Box serves as a communication channel between you, students and employees of the 1st Faculty of Medicine, and your representatives in the Academic Senate.

Ideas, comments, questions, and complains should be sent via 
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