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Upon reaching 26 years of age, every person regardless of completing their studies has the obligation of paying health insurance. This obligation can thus arise already during studies. Persons to whom this obligation applies are not notified and they themselves have to keep it in mind.

In 2017, persons without taxable income (OBZP) paid 1,485 CZK a month.

The state pays health insurance for graduates under 26 years of age until and inclusive of the month following the completion of their studies or passing the last state examination. For instance, if a student passes the last state examination on 3 June, the first month for which they will have to pay their health insurance in August.

Payment has to be paid by the 8th day of the month following the month for which the insurance is paid. Penalties accrue with each day after reaching 26 years of age. Students and unemployed persons to not pay social insurance.

For employed persons, health and social insurance is always paid by the employer.

Health and social insurance fees are not determined by whether a person works full or half-time, but by their gross salary. Minimal insurance amounts to 13.5% of minimal wage (in 2017, it was 1,485 CZK).

The employer pays two thirds of the insurance fees (9%), the employee one third (4.5 %).

If a person’s salary is due to working part-time lower than the minimum salary (which was in 11,000 CZK), the employer pays 9% from the real salary and the difference needed to reach the requisite 1,337 CZK is paid by the employee (see the following example).

Example of insurance fee calculation
Minimum salary in 2017: 11,000 CZK
Minimum mandatory insurance fee: 1,485 CZK (13.5% from 11,000 CZK)
Actual income: 5,000 CZK
Employer pays 9% from 5,000 CZK: 450 CZK
Employee pays 4.5% from 5 000 CZK: 225 CZK
Insurance fees paid: 450 + 225 = 675 CZK
Difference between fees paid and minimum mandatory amount: 1 485 – 675 = 810 CZK
Difference is paid by the employee: 225 + 810 = 1,035 CZK

The employer thus in the end pays 450 CZK and the employee 1,035 CZK. This amount will be deduced by the employer. The employee is not in charge of paying the fees.


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