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Graduates from foreign universities can apply for nostrification, i.e. an official certificate stating that the education they received corresponds to university education in the Czech Republic. Nostrification is needed not only when applying for relevant jobs but also if applicants wish to continue their studies at a university in the Czech Republic. Such recognition of a foreign university degree is always decided upon by public universities which offer a similar course of study. Applications for recognition of a foreign academic degree should be submitted to the Rectorate of the Charles University.

We advise applicants to find out which public university in the Czech Republic offers a course of study similar to the studies they completed abroad prior to placing their nostrification application.

Applications for recognition of university education completed abroad (the UZVV) may only be submitted to the Rectorate of the Charles University, Ovocný trh 3–5, 116 36 Prague 1. Application fee is 3,000 CZK. Detailed information about submission of requisite documentation and about forms of payment is available at this Charles University website.

Nostrification of university education acquired in countries which have signed a bilateral equivalence agreement with the Czech Republic:


Validity of university diplomas issued in Slovakia is determined by the Agreement between the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic on Mutual Recognition of Equivalence of Education Degrees Issued in the Czech and the Slovak Republic (Smlouva mezi ČR a SR o vzájemném uznávání rovnocennosti dokladů o vzdělání vydávaných v ČR a SR).

Poland, Hungary, and Slovenia

Holders of Polish, Hungarian, and Slovenian certificates which are subject to equivalence agreements may use these certificates (diplomas) in the territory of the Czech Republic directly, i.e. without having to present a certificate of recognition of foreign academic education (nostrification). If for some reason such persons wish to acquire a nostrification certificate, it will be issued by the relevant Czech public university.


Graduates from German universities must apply for recognition of their degree at a Czech public university which offers a similar course of study. Their documents thus cannot be used in the territory of the Czech Republic directly. With respect to graduates of German universities who wish to have their education recognised in the Czech Republic for the purpose of further study, Czech public universities which offer a similar course of studies must grant their nostrification application. Further information is available here.

Applications for approbation examinations are submitted to the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic. Detailed information is available here.

Application deadlines are twice a year, on 28 February and 28 August. In accordance with Act No. 111/1998 Coll. on Higher Education Institutions, academic degrees of graduates of foreign universities are not recognised during the approbation process.

Nostrification, i.e. recognition of academic education acquired abroad, also amounts to a recognition of the foreign academic title which had been granted to the applicant by a foreign university. Holders of foreign degrees thus have the right to use the academic title or titles listed in their now recognised diplomas.


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