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summer clerkship outline - internal medicine

Summer Clerkship Instructions

  • Please see below some guidence notes.....

  • This process is the same even if you undergo your summer clerkship in Czech Republic.

  • Make sure that you'll take care of all the bellow mentioned steps before the enrollment to your next year of studies.


  1. Arrange your summer clerkship - it is up to you to find a suitable placement, nevertheless your teacher should be able to advice you if in need.

  2. Print out the outline (alternatively collect in FSAD) - outline is a documents discribing the tasks you are supposed to go through within your placement.

  3. Do your clerkship

  4. Have the outline signed and stamped by the responsible person from the hospital where you've done your placement

  5. Together with your index, bring the completed outline to your teacher (person responsible for the subject within First Faculty of Medicine) - should you fulfill all the requirements from the outline you will get a credit.

  6. Check your SIS that your summer clerkship credit was signed on. Contact your teacher if you can't see your credit in SIS after 24hours since receiving it.

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