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Summer Clerkship: Patient Care (B80036)

Summer Clerkship

Updated information to date 26.03.2020

Students should complete their compulsory summer clerkship:

General medicine - Summer Clerkship - Patient Care (B80036)

Dentistry - Summer clerkship - Nursing (B81151)

1) Credits must be granted by the end of the official examination period determined by the Faculty, respectively by the Charles University (18.09.2020).

2) The possibility to complete summer clerkship can be affected by the current state of emergency in the country - the duration of the emergency cannot be determined at the moment.

3) Volunteer activity can be recognized by the Institute (Head of the Institute) as a fulfillment of the summer clerkship. The activity has to be recorded in the Logbook (white book). It´s recommended to consult the recognition ahead.

4) There is no other form of compensation set by the Institute.

5) If the summer clerkship couldn´t be completed or wasn´t substituted by the volunteer activity its completion will have to be postponed to the next academic year (2020/2021).


You can carry out summer clerkship in any health care facility in the Czech Republic or abroad. You can choose health care facility:

1) in your home country,

2) somewhere else abroad,

3) health care facility in Prague cooperating with our faculty,

4) any other healthcare facility in the Czech republic.

Ad 1) and 2)

▪ Contact chosen healthcare facility and follow provided instruction about the organize placement.

▪ Syllabus can be printed from SIS.

▪ If you need confirmation of your studies, contact Student affairs department.

Ad 4)

▪ Contact chosen healthcare facility and follow instructions provided there how you need to organize placement.

▪ Syllabus can be printed from SIS.

▪ If you need confirmation of your studies, contact Student affairs department.

▪ If healthcare facility requires contract with our faculty, it is necessary to use form provided on Moodle at the beginning of Summer clerkship course.

▪ The form has to be downloaded, filled in and brought to Student affairs department for vice-dean signature therefore it has to be arranged at least 1-2 month before placement starts.

Ad 3)

▪ Choose hospital, department and tutor from the list of available placements provided on Moodle in Summer clerkship course.

▪ There is limited number of tutors therefore it is allowed to choose ONLY 1 placement for each student! (all registration can be cancelled in case of more booking for 1 student).

▪ To register for chosen placement, use link provided in Moodle (similar to the one used for registration to training sessions during Patient Care or First Aid lessons).

▪ Currently there is available only preliminary period during which the placement takes part, exact dates will be provided before clerkship starts (at the end of month prior your clerkship).

▪ Note there are different requirements for placements in different facilities (listed on Moodle) therefore follow all instructions provided for chosen facility (allow yourself enough time to fulfilled them).

All students

▪ Make sure you are vaccinated against Hepatitis B before your placement starts. It is expected to have confirmation in your index. (Some facilities might need a copy of the confirmation that you are vaccinated).

▪ All requirements to obtain credits for Summer clerkship are detailed in Syllabus.

▪ During the placement, it is necessary:

▪ to follow all instructions of your tutor,

▪ to have Student ID by self and follow dress code required by chosen facility,

▪ to show syllabus or student Log Book if you are asked for it.
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