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Admission Procedures for the admission procedure for DSP II

Conditions and dates of the admission procedure for DSP II studies at the 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University for studies in academic year 2023–2024

For the academic year 2023-2024, the Dean of the First Faculty of Medicine of Charles University announces the entrance procedures II. to enrol for full-time and/or combined form of studies in Doctoral (PhD) study programmes. 

At the entrance interview, the candidate is supposed to prove professional capacity and language command needed to study the respective field, as well as the qualities required for independent scientific work.
A part of the entrance procedure is also investigation of the candidate’s interest in research into a particular topic with a particular Supervising Tutor.

Doctoral study programmes in Biomedicine implemented on the basis of the Framework Agreement between Charles University and the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
(for more information, see and
Biochemistry and Pathobiochemistry
Biomedical Informatics
Cell Biology and Pathology
Developmental and Cell Biology
Molecular and Cellular Biology, Genetics and Virology
Pharmacology and Toxicology

Other doctoral study programmes (for more information see

Dates of the admission procedure

Information on the entrance procedures to enrol for full-time and/or combined form of studies in PhD study programmes in English language can be found at the website of the First Faculty of Medicine:
Regular entrance interviews for PhD study programmes are going to take place from 1st January to 10th February 2024. Alternative terms of entrance interviews are going to take place at least 5 days and latest 40 days after the regular term. Applicants may request an alternative date only for serious reasons within three days of the date of the examination on the regular date. The request is made and processed through the University's Student Information System (SIS).
The exact dates of entrance interviews by each Field Board available here.

Information is available at Department of Science of Charles University – the First Faculty of Medicine in the office hours: Monday 8.00 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday 12.30 – 3.30 p.m.

Annual tuition fee is 0,- CZK for study programmes in English language.

You can apply for study before 30th of November 2023 by filling in and submitting an electronic application form accessible via Student information system (SIS):, Admission icon.
The electronic form of application is preferable.

After submitting the application form, a fee of CZK 730 (for an electronic application via SIS) or CZK 780 (for a paper application) for administrative operations connected with the admissions procedure is charged.

If the Faculty fails to receive payment or a receipt of payment of the admission fee before 30th of November 2023, the applicant will be asked to pay the admission fee within a reasonably set time limit. If the applicant failes to pay the admission fee within the set time limit, admission process will be terminated.

The invitation to the admission interview will be delivered to the applicants in electronic form through the Study Information System (SIS). A password to log into the electronic information system is obtained by an applicant after the applicant has submitted the application to study.

Attachments and supplements to the application form:

1. Annex to the application form that should be signed by the prospective Supervising Tutor (accessible here:
2. Doctoral project – annotation of the applicant’s research project, that should be signed by the prospective Supervising Tutor. The list of the active Supervising Tutors is available here:
Structure and annotation requirements are listed on the website for each of the study programmes (in case the study programme has its specific requirements on the implementation of the annotation):
3. For the study programme Experimental Surgery only:
a) Written consent of the head of the department (employer´s consent), that the applicant´s research project can be carried out at his/her department.
b) Each project must be supported by an ethics committee statement. The proof will be enclosed in written form.
4. Document certifying the award of the master's degree:
a) The students currently studying in the master's degree programme: Certification of the current master's degree study programme issued by the Student Registry
b) Master's degree graduates: graduates from the Charles University – copy of the diploma, graduates from other Czech universities – authenticated copy of the diploma. In case the graduate does not have his/her diploma yet, he/she needs the certification of completion of studies issued by the Student Registry
c) Graduates from universities abroad (including Slovakia): one of the documents regarding the foreign education, see the website:
5. Up to date review of the applicant’s publication record – A list of published and unpublished work of the applicant (or expert’s opinion on these works) and other documents worthy of consideration (e.g. proof of completed vocational courses).
6. Curriculum Vitae1.

All the attachments and supplements of the electronical application have to be sent also in hard copy form by post or delivered personally to the faculty by 30th November 2023 to the following address:

Charles University – First Faculty of Medicine
Department of Science
Kateřinská 32
121 08 Prague 2
Czech Republic

Information about the fee for admission procedures:

Account number in IBAN format: CZ9701000000000037434021
SWIFT code of the bank (BIC): KOMBCZPPXXX
Account number: 37434021/0100
Variable symbol: ID of the electronic application
Specific symbol: 3006

The applicant for studies is obliged to cover any costs of mailing and banking. In case of international banking transfer, use the option of “OUR” banking fees.
The fee can also be paid on lodging the application through a banking card
WU Student Payment Solutions.

Description of the entrance examination and criteria of evaluation
The applicant shall take the entrance examination before the board of the respective Field Council.
The entrance examination is in the form of an interview, which is above all to test the professional knowledge and language skills as well as the applicant’s capacity of independent scientific work in the chosen field. Part of the interview is discussion of the presented project of the doctoral thesis (presentation of the project of the doctoral thesis together with the chosen Supervising Tutor).

More information about particular study programmes and admission procedures is available at the Department of Science  in the office hours. 



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