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Admission Procedures for the New Academic Year

Terms of admission for studies in academic year 2024–2025

The admissions procedure starts with the submission, by 30 April 2024, of a correctly filled-in application form and payment of the fee for services connected with the admissions procedure.

● Completed tertiary education at master’s level, with documentary evidence submitted by 30 September 2024. Applicants sitting the final state examination during the autumn examination period and applicants for whom no decision has been made on their application for the recognition of foreign education by 30 September 2024 have until 22 October 2024 to submit the required documentation. Graduates of Czech higher education institutions (HEU) must prove their fulfilment of this condition by submission of an officially verified copy of their diploma or, if applicable, the original of confirmation of their completion of the required level of education (as a temporary measure before they receive their diploma). This requirement does not apply to graduates of master’s degree courses at Charles University. Graduates of foreign HEU must prove their fulfilment of this condition in one of the ways listed on the website below:
● Pass in the admission examination 

Applicants will receive an invitation to their admission interview online through the Study Information System (SIS). 
● The admission examination takes the form of a single paper consisting of one or more parts. The format of examinations is specified for each individual degree programme.
● In the admission examination applicants must demonstrate their technical and linguistic capabilities for study in the relevant study programme and their prospects for independent research work. As part of the admissions procedure we also determine the applicant’s interest in dealing with a specific topic with a specific supervisor.

Official Regular dates of entrance interviews for PhD study:
01.06.2024 - 30.06.2024
The exact dates of admission interviews set by the relevant subject-area board here.

Substitute dates: 06.06.2024 - 31.07.2024 Applicants can only request a substitute date for serious, documented reasons, in particular for health reasons, and within three days of the official date of an examination. Applications are submitted and processed through the University’s Study Information System (SIS). The Dean may permit the sitting of an admission examination by means of information and communication technology for serious, documented reasons, in particular for reasons of health or study abroad, based on an application submitted through the University’s online information system, generally following the receipt of an application by the faculty and no later than 10 May 2024.

Information on degree programmes and the admissions procedure is available from the Dean’s Office (CU First Faculty of Medicine, Department for Science, Kateřinská 32, Praha 2).
Opening hours: Monday 08:00 – 12:30, Tuesday and Thursday 12:30 – 15:30.

Essential requirements for the application:
Applications must be submitted online through the Study Information System (SIS) by 30 April 2024:, Admissions Procedure icon.

We prefer applications to be submitted online. When submitting their application, applicants must pay a fee for services connected with the admissions procedure to the amount of CZK 780  for online applications or CZK 830 for applications in hard copy. In the event of failure to pay the fee to the faculty’s bank account by 30 April 2024, the faculty shall request payment of the fee from the applicant within an appropriate deadline. In the event of failure to pay within this deadline, the procedure will be stopped following a decision.
In the event that an application is submitted to the faculty after 30 April 2024, the faculty will stop the procedure following a decision.

Attachments to the application:
1. Attachment to the application for study – including, if applicable, a commitment by the proposed supervisor to perform this function. The form for the attachment to the application for study is available here.
2. Doctoral project – annotations for doctoral project, which must be signed by the prospective supervisor. A list of active supervisors is available here: Any applicable requirements for the structure and essential requirements for annotations for individual study programmes can be found on this website (in the event that the relevant programme has specific requirements for annotations).
3. Help files for the admissions procedure – for the Experimental Surgery study programme only.
a) Written consent of the head of the workplace for the applicant’s project to be realised at the workplace for which they are responsible.
b) Every project must be accompanied by a statement by the ethics commission. This must be attached in hard copy.
4. Evidence of a master’s degree
a) Students of master’s programmes: Confirmation of ongoing master’s studies issued by the student registry.
b) Graduates of master’s programmes: Graduates of CU must submit the usual unverified copy of their diploma and graduates of Czech universities other than CU must submit an officially verified copy of their diploma. If an applicant does not yet have their diploma, they must submit confirm of the completion of studies issued by the student registry.
c) Master’s diploma obtained at a foreign HEU (including Slovakia): one of the documents concerning foreign qualifications, see website.
5. Overview of previous activities – list of published and unpublished papers by the applicant (or peer reviews of these papers) and other documents worthy of attention (e.g. documentation of specialist courses completed).
6. CV

All attachments to online applications must also be sent in hard copy to the faculty at the following address no later than 30 April 2024:
Děkanát 1. LF UK
Oddělení pro vědeckou činnost
Kateřinská 32
128 01 Praha 2

Doctoral study programmes in Biomedicine implemented on the basis of the Framework Agreement between Charles University and the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic 

Biochemistry and Pathobiochemistry
Biomedical Informatics
Cell Biology and Pathology
Developmental and Cell Biology
Experimental Surgery
Human Physiology and Pathophysiology
Imaging Methods in Medicine
Medical Biophysics
Molecular and Cellular Biology, Genetics and Virology
Pharmacology and Toxicology
Preventive Medicine and Epidemiology

Other doctoral study programmes 
Addiction: Specialization in Health Care
Cardiovascular Science
Experimental and Clinical Oncology
History of Medicine
Medical Psychology and Psychopathology
Nutritional and Metabolic Sciences

Admission conditions and terms in the academic year 2024/2025

- Submission of electronic application with all requisites by 30. 4. 2024.
- Payment of a  fee for expenses of admission procedures CZK 780 by 30. 4. 2024 at the latest.
- Successful passing of the entrance exam before the committee of the relevant subject area board.
- Successful completion of a master's degree program, ie submission of a university diploma or certificate of recognition of foreign higher education in the Czech Republic.

The verification of the application requirements necessary for the acceptance: 30. 9. 2024. 
The verification is prolonged until 22nd October 2024 for the applicants whose application for recognition of their foreign diploma was not considered until 30th September 2024.

Unless the Faculty’s account is credited with the sum of the fee by 30. 4. 2024 at the latest, the Faculty will invite the applicant for studies to pay the fee, allowing an adequate time for the payment. If the fee is not paid before the set deadline, the procedure will be suspended. At any stage of the procedure, the fee for expenses connected with admission procedures is unreturnable.

If the application is delivered to the faculty after 30. 4. 2024, the application procedure will be suspended.

The invitation to the entrance examination will be delivered to the applicants through SIS (Student Information System). The applicant will obtain the password for SIS when making the application.

Annual tuition fee is CZK 1000/year  for study programmes in English language.

Information about the fee for admission procedures:

Account number in IBAN format: CZ9701000000000037434021
SWIFT code of the bank (BIC): KOMBCZPPXXX
Account number: 37434021/0100
Variable symbol: ID of the electronic application
Specific symbol: 3006

The applicant for studies is obliged to cover any costs of mailing and banking. In case of international banking transfer, use the option of “OUR” banking fees.
The fee can also be paid on lodging the application through a banking card
WU Student Payment Solutions.

Description of the entrance examination and criteria of evaluation
The applicant shall take the entrance examination before the board of the respective Field Council.
The entrance examination is in the form of an interview, which is above all to test the professional knowledge and language skills as well as the applicant’s capacity of independent scientific work in the chosen field. Part of the interview is discussion of the presented project of the doctoral thesis (presentation of the project of the doctoral thesis together with the chosen Supervising Tutor).



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