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Admission Procedures for the New Academic Year

Deadline for submitting the electronic application with all enclosures and technicalities – by 30th April 2020

The regular term of entrance interviews is set in the period between 1. 6. – 31. 8. 2020. 
The alternative terms of the interviews will be held at least 5 days after the regular term and latest 40 days after the regular term. The candidate can only apply for this alternative term for really serious reasons.

The verification of the application requirements necessary for the acceptance: 30th September 2020. The verification is prolonged until 22nd October 2020 for the applicants whose application for recognition of their foreign diploma was not considered until 30th September 2020.

Terms of admission for studies in academic year 2020–2021

Submitting the electronic application with all enclosures and technicalities – by 30th April 2020

Paying the fee for expenses of admission procedures at CZK 660 by 30 April 2020 at the latest. 
Passing the entrance examination before the board of the respective Field Council.
Successful graduation in a Master degree study programme, i.e. submission of a university diploma or certificate of acknowledgement of foreign university-level education in the Czech Republic.

In the academical year 2020/2021 it is possible to apply through an electronic application – by 30th April 2020.

By the moment of application, the fee for expenses of admission procedures at CZK 660 for the electronic application (710 CZK for the paper application) must be covered. Unless the Faculty’s account is credited with the sum of the fee by 30th April 2019 at the latest, the Faculty will invite the applicant for studies to pay the fee, allowing an adequate time for the payment. If the fee is not paid before the set deadline, the procedure will be suspended.

At any stage of the procedure, the fee for expenses connected with admission procedures is unreturnable. 
If the application is delivered to the faculty after 30th April 2020, the application procedure will be suspended.
The invitation to the entrance examination will be delivered to the applicants through SIS (Student Information System). The applicant will obtain the password for SIS when making the application.

Annual tuition fee is 0,- CZK for study programmes in English language.

Inseparable part of the application are the following enclosures:

Mandatory attachments and supplements to the application form:
1. Annex to the application form – accessible here
2. Doctoral project – A short annotation of the applicant’s research project, that should be signed by the prospective Supervising Tutor. A list of active supervisors can be found here.
3. Copy of a diploma – Master’s degree – MD or equivalent – A scanned copy of a diploma or a scanned certificate confirming the applicant has passed final exams certified by his/her´s university’s Study Department or a scanned proof of an ongoing study at university).
4. Up to date review of the applicant’s publication record – A list of published and unpublished work of the applicant (or expert’s opinion on these works) and other documents worthy of consideration (e.g. proof of completed vocational courses).
5. Curriculum Vitae
6. Recognition of foreign diploma (if obtained outside the Czech Republic) – and

All the enclosures of the electronic application have to be sent also physically to the faculty no later than 30th April 2020 to the following address: 
Charles University – First Faculty of Medicine
Department of Science and Research and International Relations
Kateřinská 32
121 08 Prague 2
Czech Republic

Information about the fee for admission procedures:

Account number in IBAN format: CZ9701000000000037434021 
SWIFT code of the bank (BIC): KOMBCZPPXXX
Account number: 37434021/0100
Variable symbol: ID of the electronic application
Specific symbol: 3006

The applicant for studies is obliged to cover any costs of mailing and banking. In case of international banking transfer, use the option of “OUR” banking fees. 
The fee can also be paid on lodging the application through a banking card WU Student Payment Solutions.

Description of the entrance examination and criteria of evaluation

The applicant shall take the entrance examination before the board of the respective Field Council.

The entrance examination is in the form of an interview, which is above all to test the professional knowledge and language skills as well as the applicant’s capacity of independent scientific work in the chosen field. Part of the interview is discussion of the presented project of the doctoral thesis (presentation of the project of the doctoral thesis together with the chosen Supervising Tutor).

More information about particular study programmes and admission procedures is available at the Department of Science and Research and International Relations in the office hours. 


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