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Centre for Medical Simulations


The use of simulators in pre- and postgraduate medical education is nowadays a standard part of studies at all modern universities. Thanks to simulators, students can from the first year of their studies connect their theoretical knowledge with practical skills using predefined clinical examples. This is why the 1st Faculty of Medicine built a unique Centre for Medical Simulations (the SIM Centre). This centre belongs to the best-equipped centres of its kind in the Czech Republic and is located in the building of the Institute of Physiology in Albertov.

The ‘patients’ here are four sophisticated, computer-controlled figurines (patient simulators), which imitate breathing, pulse, heart activity, and other functions of a human body. These simulators can be connected with various diagnostic and medical instruments, which enable students the performance of various therapeutic interventions and through which students can monitor how their ‘patients’ react. To practice their practical skills, students have at their disposal also various specialised simulators and models, for instance for airway management and ventilation, insertion of central venous catheter, collection of venous and arterial blood, ultrasound-directed catheterisation, intraosseous access, thoracic puncture and pleural tap, lumbar puncture, etc.

Instruction in the specialised teaching rooms of the simulation centre, which closely imitate for instance emergency patient intake, regular central patient intake, ICU, or standard hospital departments, helps prepare our graduates for clinical practice.

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