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Practice at Prestigious Clinics


Fourth year students greatly benefit from the fact that the 1st Faculty of Medicine has the most extensive clinical base among all medical faculties in the Czech Republic. It shares with the General University Hospital in Prague a total of 36 departments and clinics. It makes this hospital the largest teaching base of our faculty, which introduced clinical education already in the academic year 1791/92. The faculty shares another 7 departments with the Military University Hospital in Prague in Prague-Střešovice, 4 departments with the Motol University Hospital, 5 departments with Thomayer Hospital in Prague-Krč, 6 departments with the Na Bulovce Hospital, and 1 department with the Institute of Rheumatology and the Institute of Haematology and Blood Transfusions each. It also closely collaborates with further institutions, such as the Na Homolce Hospital and the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine.

During their clinical training, students can encounter for instance:
* robotic surgery in the Military University Hospital
* surgical treatment of thromboembolic lung hypertension and operations with cardiopulmonary bypass and induced hypothermia at the 2nd Surgical Clinic of the General University Hospital
* lung transplantations at the 3rd Department of Surgery of the Motol University Hospital
* bone marrow transplantations at the 1st Internal Clinic of the General University Hospital
* modern haemodialytic treatment at the Clinic of Nephrology of the General University Hospital
* extensive laparoscopic and endoscopic operations of children with 3D imaging at the Clinic of Urology of the General University Hospital
* sleep laboratory at the Clinic of Neurology of the General University Hospital
* the principles of radiation therapy applied to the most advanced radiation technology directed by CT tomography at the Clinic of Oncology of the General University Hospital
* state-of-the-art treatments of diabetes and other endocrine pathologies at the 3rd Internal Clinic of the General University Hospital
* diagnostics and treatment of severe genetic disorders at the Clinic of Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine of the General University Hospital
* treatment of drug addictions and other additions at the Clinic of Addictology of the General University Hospital

Extracurricular education
In most departments and institutes of our faculty, both theoretical and clinical, students can participate in activities which are not part of either their curriculum or elective courses. These are the so-called extracurricular activities, which are purely voluntary but offer students an opportunity to reach beyond the compulsory extent of knowledge and towards a deeper understanding of specific issues, either scientific or more practically oriented.

Extracurricular education does not earn students any credits. It does, however, offer new experiences, new perspectives, and in some cases, when students show a high level of involvement and manage to significantly contribute, the results of their work can be presented at Students’ Science Conference or other conferences, eventually be published.

Facultative Subjects Not Included in Clinical Instruction
Some experiences can be gained also outside the 1st Faculty of Medicine. The faculty therefore offers a number of
facultative courses, which are elective and taught at specialised institutes. By taking these courses, students can expand their knowledge of various other areas of their future profession.

Subjects included in the facultative courses include, for instance, specialised courses on diseases of the digestive system or a more advanced course in modern medical technologies and instruments. The faculty prepares these elective courses in collaboration with the ISCARE, a non-state healthcare provider offering a wide range of modern treatments, and the B. Braun Company, a leading producer of healthcare products, and its Aesculap Academy.


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