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Exam in English for students of doctoral study programmes – information



The conditions for the recognition of an international English language examination and the method of submitting an application for recognition are regulated by the Dean's Measure No.18/2022, which lays down the rules for the recognition of a previously passed internationally recognised English language examination in doctoral study programmes and the provision of a contribution.

Contact persons for submitting an application for recognition at the Department of History of Medicine and Foreign Languages, 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University:
PhDr. Blažena Weberová:
PhDr. Šárka Blažková Sršňová, Ph.D.:

2. THE EXAM IN MEDICAL ENGLISH at the Institute for History of Medicine and Foreign Languages (ÚDLCJ)

The exam includes the following parts: professional presentation plus discussion; a 10-page scientific paper; work with a scientific book of the given profile (reading, translation, reproduction, discussion). Students interested in this exam will attend classes at ÚDLCJ; they will be placed in a class at the appropriate level following a classifying test, which can be taken at any class (irrespective of its level). Times and venues of the classes will be announced in proper advance. The tuition starts in October. The subject that you will put into your individual study plan is called B90003 English language.

Contact person: PhDr. Blažena Weberová,


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