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You can view the schedules after logging into SIS in the NG Schedule module - the preliminary version of the schedules will be available for viewing from August, the final version from September. On the green bar, change "Settings" - in the table of medical faculties, look for the 1st medical faculty (click on the faculty number 11110, at the bottom of the table, click on the active semester number).

On the upper green bar, click the "STUDENTS" button, fill in only the group number in the form and click the view button. You will receive a group teaching schedule.

In a similar way, you can search for the timetables of any group, year, field and form of study. Use the NG Timetable to monitor the teaching of subjects (normal, block, detailed), the occupancy and capacity of teaching rooms or the schedule of individual teachers.

Odd and even weeks follow the schedule (teaching weeks).

Schedule of odd and even weeks for the year 2023/2024

Block teaching schedules for the year 2023/2024 4th - 6th year of general medicine

Schedules of block teaching for the year 2023//2024 4th - 5th year of dentistry

Timetable 4th year of general medicine 2023/2024 - Topographic Anatomy and Pharmacology


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