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Union of the Czech Medical Students

The year 2002 was for the Union of Czech Medical Students a year, when we concentrated our energy to improve the activities which had already been inseparably connected with the Union. I am really happy that we managed to set up a „calendar of established events“ the students are well aware of. Therefore, we could focus on improvement and finishing the details rather than on mere advertizing to secure a satisfactory participation. I believe this is our great success which we have worked on a lot during the past years. Indeed, nothing is as difficult as establishing traditions the people should get used to. Among such events are the annual Picnic (in 2002 the fourth already) in the garden of the Department of Psychiatry, St. Nicolas Eve with small presents for hospitalized children in the General Teaching Hospital, and of course the Star Rave-ups in the club at the Hvězda („Star“) halls.

Apart from these „fixed stars“ of the programme, we launched a brand new idea – the Texbook Exchange at the Union library room in the Faust House, which was an unexpected success; in the next years we are decidedly going to carry on.

But chronologically, for the Union of Czech Medical Students the year starts by the Medic Prom Ball in the beautiful dance halls of the Žofín Palace, one of the oldest annual dance balls in Prague. In early summer, the Union is always really busy about preparation of the Picnic; this is an open-air venue – so the success depends a lot on how the weather co-operates, which we naturally cannot influence. On the other hand, it was just in 2002 that co-operation with the managements of our Faculty and the General Teaching Hospital dramatically improved, and would love to say an immense thank you for all their assistance and support, above all, to the Faculty Bursar Mrs. Eva Soubustová and to the managing director of the Hospital for „Director’s goulash“. Right now I am looking forward to all the yummies that our outgoing Professors will bake for us again as usual.

Good co-operation with all Faculty structures is also vital in preparation of the St. Nicolas Eve, in early evening of 5th December, with presents for the hospitalized children in the General Teaching Hospital, which we organized last year for the third time.

Let me just end this brief list of events of the Union of Czech Medical Students in 2002 with an outline of our proposed future activities – we would like to focus on a better co-ordination of our work with all other students’ „services“, particularly with the Academic Club, and so try to get the students more involved in the life of the First Faculty of Medicine.


Matúš Rehák

Interim Chairman of the Union of Czech Medical Students

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