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Academic club of the First Faculty of Medicine

82679’The Academic Club of the 1st Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University had, over the several dozen years of its activities, become a representative and cultivated place which welcomes not only students and members of the academic community of the medical faculty, but also the public.’

In historical sources, the house is mentioned already in the twelfth century. In 1590, it was purchased by the famous alchemist Edward Kelley and another owner, Mladota of Solopysky, carried out chemical experiments here. Both of these owners thus inspired the legend of Doctor Faustus. The house was rebuilt into its current form around 1769. By being transferred under the administration of the 1st Faculty of Medicine, the Faust House became part of a traditional university campus, which stretches from the Botič Stream and Albertov all the way to the buildings of the Technical University at the Charles Square.

A key moment, which infused the Faust House with new life, was the opening of the Academic Club of the 1st Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University in 1995. Its administration was taken over by students and the Academic Club soon became well-known to academic and lay public through its various initiatives, such as press conferences, discussions, seminars, book presentations, social gatherings, exhibitions, concerts, first aid courses, etc. At the moment, the best-known series of events are discussions called ‘A Chair for Faustus’.

The Academic Club organises a wide range of activities, such as concerts of Dixieland 1.LF and events prepared by Jonáš-klub Praha and the faculty also uses this space for professional and amateur exhibitions of painters, illustrators, graphic artists, photographers, and other artists.

Fausťák, Academic Club of the 1st Faculty of Medicine
Karlovo náměstí 40,
Praha 2

Opening times:
Monday to Thursday 10.30am – 6pm
Friday 10.30am – 3pm

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Ideas and requests should be addressed to Michaela Šer
á-Čuteková, phone 224 963 286 (mobile 725 184 416).



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