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The faculty is not just school, learning, memorising, and exams. There is also life around it, people, students and teachers. Students who have fun, meet, organise various events, travel abroad. Many engage in scientific work even during their studies. Large part of what life at the faculty is like depends on students and teachers themselves. On what they manage to organise.

In addition to teaching, teachers are also engaged in science and research, they have presentations at conferences and congresses, and they write articles. And on top of that, they have their own hobbies, some of a more ‘public’ kind. They make music, ride bikes and motorbikes, write stories, track in the mountains, and much else.

The faculty offers many opportunities for engaging in sports. Successful applicants experience it already at the first camp in Dobronice. We have several sport teams you can join: beach volleyball, floorball, golf, indoor climbing, swimming, and volleyball.

And then there is the Academic Club in the Faust House (Karlovo náměstí 40), which offers a wide array of concerts, exhibitions, and discussions throughout the academic year.

... and there’s much else. So enjoy your studies at Number One!


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