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Before and after the arrival

1) After receiving your official nomination our Erasmus coordinator will send you an information e-mail and you will be asked to send her a list of courses that you wish to attend.

2) After you agree on your courses you will fill the online registration form available on this link:   

The deadline for submitting the online applications are:
For winter semestre: June 15th
For summer semestre: October 31st

Printed application that is confirmed by the sending institution must be delivered until June 30th or November 15th.

3) The acceptation letter, confirmed Learning Agreement and accommodation voucher (for those who apply for the dormitories via the online-application) will be delivered by post to you at the turn of July and August or in December.

4) Please, check that you bring all necessary documents and arrangements including:

a. European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Bear in mind, that it entitles you only to coverage of the costs of standard or urgent medical care. Therefore, we strongly recommed to arrange additional health insturance (either in your home country or in the Czech Republic)   

b. Medical coat, white trousers and T-shirt, indoor shoes  

c. Acceptation documents and accommodation vourcher   

d. Passport photos

Non-EU citizens are obliged to arrange Student visa (please, note that it typically takes up to 60 day to get it).

More information is available on the Charles University web pages:


1. Accommodation Check-in in the students residence address. You will need the passport and one photograph. The address of the students hostel, Accommodation Voucher and other relevant accommodation information were provided in the letter from the university coordinator.

2. Register at the International Department at the First Faculty of Medicine at the following address: Kateřinská 32, Prague 2, 1st floor, door nr. 2057. Once registered you will receive a student card, record book and other material. You will get access to the regular study benefits, such as internet access, student discounts, access to the faculty library etc.

3. Register at the Foreign Police Department within 30 days (EU citizens) or within 3 working days (non-EU citizens) after the arrival to the Czech Republic. Those students that are accommodated at student dormitories will be registered at the police by their housing residence:

Address of the Foreign Police Department:

Oddělení cizinecké policie ČR
Olšanská 2, 30 51 Praha 3
Phone number: 974 820 317
E-mail address:
More information at:

Office hours:
Monday 08.00 – 17.00
Tuesday 08.00 – 15.00
Wednesday 08.00 – 17.00
Thursday 08.00 – 15.00
Wednesday 08.00 – 12.00

Informations and contacts in case of emergency situations

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