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During your stay


Once you have registered in the office, got your Student ID and the starting administration is out of your way, there still are things to keep in mind throughout the semestrer / year.

- IMPORTANT: Remember that everytime you wish to sign in / off a course or change date when you will be attending you HAVE TO consult (preferably by email) this with your contact person in the International Office – it is not possible to simply decide to „go“ to the course/practical without prior registration! It leads to complications, such as being refused and sent home, without the possibility to pick another course for that week/s.

- You have been given a record book (index), it is important you get the teacher’s signature and department stamp at the very end of your course there, similarly with any exams you might do – as long as it’s in your record book, you do not have to worry whether the system is showing it correctly

- Always take your white coat and Student ID when going for practicals in the hospitals, also clean shoes.

- Keep in mind that you should never have more than 2 weeks without any course

- Some courses for Erasmus+ students might be held at a different date than what the system will be showing, in such cases, the schedule given by your contact person is the one important for you – the time to attend, adress and teachers stay the same as in the system.

- It is possible for Erasmus students to take exams in courses that do not typically offer any, in case youdo need on efor the subject to be acknowledged at your home institution – you can consult your contact person or the teacher of the course in question at the start of the course. Similarly, it is possible to not do an exam the same way.

- In case of any problems occuring during your stay, please speak to your contact person in the International office!

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