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Faust’s House - the Picture Gallery

Faust’s House - the Picture Gallery  

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The new Academic year/2000/1 was opened by the meeting with prof.MUDr.Marie Pešková, DrSc., Head of the 1st Department of Surgery - abdominal, breast and traumatologic surgery of the First Faculty of Medicine and the General University Hospital of the Faculty, who was the kind guest in the regular cycle of "Chair for Faust".

Further kind guest of the regular discussion club "Chair for Faust" - doc.MUDr.Alena Lobovská, CSc., Head of the 3rd Department of Infectious and Tropical diseases of the 1st  Faculty of Medicine of Hospital of the Faculty, Bulovka spoke on evalution of infectology, oldnew and new diseases, consequences of global warming and other problems with the visitors of Academic club of the First Faculty of Medicine.

The exhibition of student’s works of the Secondary Art and Craft School Žižkov was opened by the Dean of the Faculty doc.MUDr.Štěpán Svačina, CSc., in the Academic club. The headmaster of the school Mgr.Pavel Kovářík shortly mentioned the activities of the ateliers of graffito and cutwork. The exhibition lasts till 8.Dec.2000, open daily except Saturday and Sunday.

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