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Erasmus+ faculty competition 2022


Erasmus + faculty competition

The whole administrative procedure for the preparation of both types of Erasmus+ student exchange stays (Study stays and Traineeships) is described on the Rectorate UK website. You can also check the document Erasmus+ in 10 steps. Please read the following instructions carefully.

The first step is to fill in the Erasmus+ application (please fill it on a computer, not by hand):

The audition for the academic year 2022/2023 will take place on 24th of February 2022 in the auditoriums (doors 2109 and 2111) of Deanery of the First Faculty of Medicine (Kateřinská 32, entrance to the building from Na Bojišti Street):

  • at 13:30 for students of general medicine and dentistry

You can apply for a study stay or a traineeship or take advantage of both offers. With the application filled, you need to go to the Student Department, where the officer calculates and confirms your study average.

Then submit (send by email or bring in person) your application form through the Erasmus + programme officers at the Department for Science and International Relations of the 1st Faculty of Medicine (Anna Jezberová from 1st December 2021 to 31st January 2022.

Please do not forget to include mandatory language certificates.

Before handing in the application, please check carefully the foreign university's website for requirements on language certificates. In case of applying for the winter semester of the academic year 2022/2023, the certificate will be a compulsory part of the application for the audition. For the summer semester, mandatory certificates must be delivered by the 27th May 2022 to the Department for Science and International Relations.

Up to three foreign universities in the preferred order may be included in the application. You can apply for the winter or summer semester, or the whole academic year (if a bilateral agreement allows). The number of months that can be funded will be specified as soon as we informed about Erasmus + Faculty budget for the given academic year.

Partner Universities:

The Commission of the 1st Faculty of Medicine evaluates the applicants according to the following criteria:

  • Study Grade Average (highest importance):
    • For students of general medicine and dentistry the last 2 years of study
    • For students of bachelor's and follow-up master's courses the last completed year
  • Language and professional level interview:
    • The interview is conducted in the teaching language of your first preferred university

Professional activities beyond the scope of study duties (in case of concurrent multiple activities, the activity evaluated will be highest rating one, other activities will be applied with a reduced coefficient):

  • Scientific activity associated with the presentation of results, scientific activity not yet concluded by the presentation of results, lecture or demonstration activity within the faculty
  • Active participation in interest groups of individual fields, lead coordination activities in student associations and organizations
  • Activities in the faculty's organizational units (Academic Senate, Dean's Colleguim, WikiScript)


The results of the audition will be published on the Faculty's website in the News and „Erasmus+ News sections“ several days after the audition.

  • Each student must confirm (by email to his/her approval with the study stay/traineeship together with the chosen semester within one week from the result of the audition.

After you have been nominated for a foreign university you will fill an application in the online application of Charles University - Erasmus.

If the candidate is unable to attend the audition due to serious, especially health reasons, his/her inability to attend the audition must be specifically certified. In such cases the candidate will be allowed to attend an individual interview on an alternative date.

Repeated foreign stays within the Erasmus+ programme are possible. The aforementioned certificates of activities beyond the scope of study duties are valid for one audition only. For multiple stays within Erasmus+ framework, please check the allowed length of stay abroad with this programme (including the period when the student stays as a zero grant abroad).

The maximum lengths allowed for Erasmus stays are:

  • 12 months at each level of study in the case of study programs divided into three cycles (Bc., Mgr., Ph.D.)
  • 24 months in the case of long master study programs for 5 or 6 years, but at the level of Ph.D. it's only 12 months.

Erasmus for PhD students

Students of the doctoral program may, if the terms of the relevant foreign university allow it, sign for foreign stays in the Erasmus + program later in the course of the year, after the faculty audition itself. In case of available funds, the students are sent to an individual interview with the faculty coordinator, MUDr. et MUDr. Karel Klíma, Ph.D.

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact Anna Jezberová,, tel .: 224 964 358.


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