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23. 11. 2020

Dear colleagues, dear students,

The last week we celebrated November 17th. At the Institute of Physiology, a bust of prof. Albert, which gave its name not only to the street, but also to the entire area where many of our institutes and clinics are located, was revealed. He died 120 years ago. He was a great patron of Czech culture and education and advocated teaching in the Czech language. Although these events, if we take into account the year 1939, are always divided by at least one generation, they nevertheless indicate a great closeness of thought, which is the essence of the academic world and is passed between the generations. But so does the nearness of good and worse or even very bad. And because nothing is taken for granted, it will always depend on us and our actions.

Of a little closer - on Wednesday, November 18, I attended a meeting of the Medical Committee of the Parliament of the Czech Republic with some other deans of medical faculties. We declared our interest in ensuring that medics have greater competence during their studies. The committee, which includes a number of MEPs, has adopted this initiative. Further negotiations continue at the Ministry of Health, in addition to the Association of Deans of Medical Faculties, the Rector of Charles University also participates. We are certainly waiting for further negotiations and possibly work on the adjustment of teaching, so that we can contribute to a greater practical experience of future doctors. I also talked about it with colleagues and nurses during a meeting at Coronary Unit II. Internal clinics of our faculty and VFN. 11 medics are working on it and they greatly appreciate their contribution there. Both the local doctors and the hospital management emphasize that long-term cooperation and the involvement of medics is important, they will also gain direct experience and skills. It was a very nice meeting and I very much appreciate the activities of those who, despite their hard work in caring for the sick, take teaching as a crucial task.

Epidemic developments give reason for at least a slight optimism. The number of students in teaching is increasing and thus the renewal of full-time practical teaching in some subjects, which had to be interrupted some time ago, will be renewed. Let's hope the trend continues like this, but let's not forget hygiene measures and mutual consideration!

Thanks to everyone who believes that what we do at the faculty and in the hospital makes sense!

Dean of the 1st Faculty of Medicine doc. Martin Vokurka

16. 11. 2020

Dear colleagues and students,

Elections to the Academic Senate of Charles University (AS UK) will take place on 24 and 25 November. This is a formal sentence that you can hear or read – but as always, there is much more behind it. However, it is necessary to ask a few questions – do I know who is a candidate and what is her/his program (both can be found only a "short distance" from this text on our website) – do I even know what AS UK does, what can decide? Do I know how (electronically this year) to vote? Is it worth participating? I would venture to say YES. Definitely.

The Senate will elect a new rector next year. That is really important! It also decides on many common issues concerning the University. For example, the budget, strategic goals. Do you feel it as far from us? That one vote or our Faculty four votes will not decide anything? One vote is never the majority, but it is an expression of the will and responsibility of everyone to participate in creating the academic environment and its future. And I believe that senators who will be elected with a really strong mandate, senators with many voters, will be well aware of this and will represent their views and interests well and with full effort.

That is why I ask all of you to think about the elections this week and participate on 24/25 November! Thank you and I wish us all the best representatives in AS UK.

Dean of the 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University doc. Martin Vokurka

More information:

How to vote:


9. 11. 2020

Dear students, colleagues,

cooperation with hospitals is very important for the faculty. In the Dean's Board, prof. Jan Bělohlávek (for VFN) and prof. Martina Vašáková (for other hospitals). The representation of the VFN management in the Dean's Board and the Scientific Council as well as our joint regular meetings are also important.

Together with the General University Hospital, we are preparing the establishment of the Department of Palliative Medicine from January 2021. He has been working in the hospital for several years under the leadership of MUDr. Kateřina Rusinová, Ph.D., a palliative team that provides this care within individual clinics, participates in teaching and scientific activities. Palliative care is not just the so-called "final" care, it is a comprehensive approach to many long-term diseases, not just malignancies. Therefore, I am very glad that this care will be further intensively developed at the faculty and at the General Hospital and that we will be the first medical faculty in the Czech Republic with such an independent workplace. The Institute of Scientific Information will also become a joint workplace, which will enable the further development of not only library services equally to workplaces and employees of the First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University and the General Hospital.

Together with VFN, we started to solve the area of ​​IT, among other things, in cooperation, the first new approaches to Eduroam in the hospital are created. And a number of great nurses from the General Hospital also participate in our new optional subject Nursing in Simulations. We also cooperate in the issue of involving medics in helping hospitals. And negotiations are continuing on other options…, including with other hospitals where we have our teaching bases.

Thanks to everyone who contributes to good cooperation!

Dean of the 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University doc. Martin Vokurka

Palliative care in VFN:
How to join Eduroam:


2. 11. 2020 

Dear students, colleagues,

I really appreciate that our students find time and volunteer even in this difficult situation. Their efforts and enthusiasm show that they do not lack the ability to overcome, to think of others and to act in that spirit. I also appreciate the work of those who will be called by the mayor or governors according to their place of permanent residence. I am convinced that all of them will be not only capable professionals, but also sensitive and considerate doctors and health professionals.

At the faculty, we also try to work so that, despite this situation, studies can continue and that it is possible to partially recognize help in hospitals and partially replace it later. It would be a bad reward for students if they paid for it with poor professional training. A complete novelty are three optional subjects - Nursing in simulations for practice I and II and Nursing Work at the beds, where students can prepare even better for work in hospitals in a safe environment of the Simulation Center.

Dean of the 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University doc. Martin Vokurka


26. 10. 2020

Dear students, colleagues,

I wish you good health and energy for the upcoming weeks, we all have to face a situation that is not easy and is constantly changing.

Some workplaces are moving to full-distance teaching this week, because they find themselves in a critical personal situation. The others continue teaching as much as possible in person, but in any case, we all try to keep the teaching in some form.

We know that 4th and 5th grade students are being called to hospitals now, many working as volunteers, even from other grades. We really appreciate it. Some rightly feel concerned about the fate of teaching, and the uncertainty is also contributed by introducing non-standard procedures in their profession.

We still consider education and training for future occupations to be essential. To facilitate the situation, we have prepared a clear and detailed structure of subjects recognition and compensation, in the Simulation Center we also offer short courses of basic skills that can be usefull for helping in hospitals. There was also a discussion with student representatives and senators.

Thank you for your efforts. The situation requires more commitment from us than usual, but there is no reason to lose courage and enthusiasm.

Dean of the 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University doc. Martin Vokurka

19. 10. 2020

Dear students, colleagues,

At the moment, there is no systemic change in teaching settings, but there may be partial changes within individual workplaces or subjects, about which you should be informed in a timely manner.

We evaluate and monitor the epidemiological situation, as well as other possible measures of the state or university, as well as the situation at our faculty and its workplaces.

During this week, we will inform you more about the situation and the possible outlook for teaching for the next period, including the situation with the involvement of medics and other students in helping health care. Please follow the website and FB of the 1st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University.

Dean of the 1 st Faculty of Medicine, Charles University doc. Martin Vokurka



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