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Student Associations


Association of Czech Medical Students (SMČ)

‘We are an association of students from all years of study. Our aim is to make students’ life at the faculty more pleasant and offer some respite from constant pouring over books. We organise lectures, discussions, events for making patients’ stay in a hospital more pleasant, as well as parties. By joining, you become part of a wonderful and supportive group of people. It is also a great opportunity to meet students more advanced in their studies and spend some time off with friends. Join us. You won’t regret it!’

Association of Czech Medical Students is open to all students of the 1st Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University. The association has at its disposal facilities where students can spend time or organise events, which members can attend or later help with their preparation.

To join the association, students pay a one-time fee of 100 CZK. Then they become members for the entire duration of their studies. This means that the sooner you join, the better. But it’s far from compulsory.

The club room of the association is on the first floor of the Faust House (Karlovo náměstí 40) to the left of the staircase. It has sofas, chairs, several computers, but also a table football, a quiet study room, and of course a wifi. Available are also most compulsory reading materials for students from all years and medical literature in English.

Best known events organised by the Association of Czech Medical Students include a Star Party, St. Nicolas’s Presents, Drop of Blood, and Medics’ Picnic.

Further information is available here.


IFMSA is an independent student organisation which unites medical students from over 100 countries. In the Czech Republic, it is represented by its Czech branch, the IFMSA CZ.

IFMSA CZ focuses on organising scientific and clinical internships in hospitals all over the world, but offers also learning programmes related to human rights protection, public and reproductive health. These programmes are intended both to the public and to medical students.

Scientific internships are available to students who had completed two years of study. Clinical internships are intended for students who completed three years of study, passed an English proficiency test, and accumulated a sufficient number of points which can be gained by participating in projects or for residential activity (meaning a student for a month takes care of another student who is doing his or her internship here).

IFMSA CZ’s projects include World Health Day, World Diabetes Day, Teddy Bear Hospital, For Life, Sexual Education, Surgical Stitching, MediCafé and many others.

Further information is available here.

Czech Dental Students’ Association (SSSČR)

‘The main goal of the association is to organise international internships for medical students. We are member of the International Association of Dental Students (IADS), through which we organise exchange internships of our and foreign students. Thanks to these efforts, all our members can take part in international internships. We also organise for our members educational events whose aim is to offer them an opportunity to try out new materials or methods. We also try to share our experience and knowledge with the general public. To this purpose, we organise preventive programmes such as Ve zdravé ČR zdravý zub (In a healthy Czech Republic, a healthy tooth). Each term, the association publishes a student journal StuDent, which offers scientific articles, news, invitations to events for dentistry students and dentists, and reports about international internships,’ says Barbora Němcová, a dentistry student.

Czech Dental Students’ Association is a non-profit organisation open to students of dentistry and dental medicine in the Czech Republic. Its aim is to organise internships abroad, help students in their professional growth, and offer interesting events which contribute to student life.

The Czech Dental Students’ Association is member of the International Association of Dental Students (IADS), through which it organises exchange internships for our and foreign students. Via scientific internships, it offers the opportunity to participate in interesting research. For its members, it organises educational events where students can try out new materials or methods. It participates in prevention campaigns such se Dental Alarm or Ve zdravé ČR zdravý zub. It organises a wide variety of social events such as the Dentists’ Bash (Zubařské mecheche) or Stomatologists’ Ball.


MEDSOC is an association intended for international students of the 1st Faculty of Medicine. It is located in the Faust House. Its aim is to help students of the English parallel not only to find their bearing at the faculty or to choose suitable textbooks, but also to enjoy their time off.

The association organises numerous social, educational, and sport events, such as seminars about working abroad, a Spring Ball, football league, and much else. New students especially appreciate the Freshers’ Week.

Further information is available here.

Czech Association of Addictology Students (ČASA)

82683‘During the academic year, we organise discussions with interesting people from the field of addictology, show films that deal with drug-related issues, and participate in various educational events organised by the faculty or elsewhere. Membership in this association is a great opportunity: you can join us at various events, help out at conferences, but also receive information about job opportunities and news from the field. At the same time, it’s nothing to get nervous about. Addictology is a small field, our meetings are often quite informal, and it’s not at all difficult to quickly fit in. I believe that everyone quickly finds what he or she enjoys or something to get involved in,’ says Kristýna Fišerová, third year addictology student.

This association brings together students of the bachelor, master’s, and doctoral courses in addictology. Its main aims include support to students, promotion of this field of study, collaboration with professional workers in addictology services, and cooperation with international universities.

The Czech Association of Addictology Students organises educational events aimed at improving awareness of the principles of addictology, dispelling erroneous notions about addictology, and integration of addictology principles into society. In the Faust House, you can attend for instance its regular Film Hits (Filmové nášlehy).

Further information is available here.

Student Association of Nutrition Therapists (SANT)

82682‘I want to be better at what I enjoy.’

Student Association of Nutrition Therapists is a non-profit student organisation whose aim is to bring together students from Brno, Prague, and other cities. We want to work on improving general public awareness of our work and use various educational events and lectures to teach people to think about nutrition. We also want to educate students, organise discussions and meetings with experts in the style of MediCafé, and cooperate with the 3rd Faculty of Medicine on enriching our field of specialisation. We intend to start helping students with internships abroad. Participation in various events helps our members meet students from other courses of study, and that is our intention: to link people and promote cooperation. It is an easy way of making new friends.

We would be glad if you would like to join our association and help improve this fast-developing field not only for the benefit of us, students, but also others.

Further information is available here.

Czech Association of Occupational Therapists (ERGOterapeuti všem)

This is a non-profit organisation which brings together occupational therapy students and professionals who are active in promoting this rehabilitation method not only among the lay public but also among medical specialists.

For the public, the association organises events with elements of hippotherapy and rehabilitation-oriented physical education for both healthy and disabled children. For members of a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals and students of faculties of medicine, education, and social sciences, the association organises ERGOcafé, which features lectures aimed at improving interdisciplinary collaboration.

Further information is available here.

Physiotherapy Students Association (ASF)

ASF is a voluntary and independent association of physiotherapy students in the Czech Republic. Its main goals include establishment of links with educational, healthcare, and other institutions both in the Czech Republic and abroad, mainly in order to improve the quality of study of physiotherapy and to promote this field. ASF organises various educational, cultural, and benefit events, such as FyzioCafé, FyzioMeeting, or summer and winter FyzioKemp.

Further information is available here.


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